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The Wedge Radio Show #858


The Tummy Sticks Episode

The guys are lucky enough to be joined by Sam Lock today, so tune in for a special episode of The Wedge Radio Show. The guys begin with talking about certain products and where they stand in society according to Sam Lock. The guys show Sam a few things he has missed the past couple of weeks going back to Crabcore and Seapunk. The guys also talk alot about Modern art and have a special unsuspected guess call in as well. For the last Hour the guys talk alot about Music, Opera, and Comedy ending the show with the best you could expect. Today the guys talk about Country Ran on Time, 7/11 Product, Bars, Boddingtons, Lostprophets, Crabcore, Seapunk, Chatroulette Version of Wrecking Ball, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, Yoko Ono Bad Dancer, Nirvana, Awareness, Caller Calls in, Watching Sex, Being a Kid, Tummy Sticks, Getting into Music, The Opera, Good Visuals, Don Rickles, Mitch Hedberg, Comedy and Black Friday.

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