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Ripped In Half #111

July 29th, 2014

Ripped In Half #111 with Jason and Steve. Today these Stumped Drunks talk about Back From Comic Con, Rape Shower, First Day, The Leonard Milton Game, Buddy Cop Movies, Precon, Best Burger, Homeless Banana Dick, Toys, Naruto Panel, I Know That Voice, Tournament of The Nerds, Mike Tysons Mysteries, Garfunkel and Oats, Loophole, Crossovers, Simpson Guy, Toys on Ebay, Mad Max Trailer, Horns Trailer, and  Batman V Superman 20 sec Tailer.


The Wedge Radio Show Episode #942

July 24th, 2014

The guys come back after a few weeks to join and talk about some of the shit that's been up with them today on The Wedge Radio Show. Today the guys talk about Calamity, Ripped In Half at The Con, Different Cons, Black Thumb, Shinobi American, Being Without a Phone, Job Interviews, George Baker Street, Passive Aggressive Judgemental One Upper, Weird Al on his Own, Word Crimes, Chocolate Rain Man, Let's Buy CNN, Family Loses Everything on DVR, Reviewing Dawn of The Apes, Shitty Kids, Tweeting and Flying, Loot Crate, What is a Nerd?


Ripped In Half #110

July 23rd, 2014

Ripped In Half #110 with Jason and Steve. Today the Comic Con Bound Duo talk about Sloth Posters, Comic Con, Thick Bodies, Furry Noises, Steve's Birthday Bash, Kids TV Shows, Vegas, Looking on Craigslist, Solid Gold Godzilla, Comic Con Exclusives, Futurama Simpsons Crossover, Foreign Hoatile, All White Comic Con, Black Captain America, Female Thor, Drinking Thor Under The Table, More Exclusives, Space Invaders Movie, Horns Trailer, 12 Monkeys TV Show Trailer, and What if I Can Live Forever?


The Best of the Wedge Radio Show

July 7th, 2014

On this week's best of the Guys talk about Wedge Getting All Red, Gaining the Red Hue, Atheist Religion, Kevin Lahaie, Reincarnation of Hitler or a Serial Killer, Pop Up Video, Fun Facts, How Roach'll Kill, Ernest Scared Stupid, Jaleel White, Tom Jones, Underwear, Prince, Fantastic Boom, The Dream Toilet, Racism, Gran Torino, Smart Kids, Chuck E. Cheese Party for Adults, Crucifying Yourself, Korean Crucifying Suicide, and 9/11 Music.


The Wedge Radio Show #941

July 5th, 2014

The Guys had an impromptu episode of the Wedge Radio Show and they blasted it out of the water! With their not so special guest Sam Lock, and his friend/Girlfriend/Whatever Ashley, the Guys had a great show full of poignant thoughts and douche points. The Guys talked about The Fourth of July, Patriotism, Fat People, Segways or Seque, Falling Off Cliffs, Three Chins, Neck Beards, Raffi, Baby Beluga, Horrible Children Book Names, Reading to your Children, Filthy Jew Books, Fun Fact with Roach, Hits of Pokemon, Todd Wedge, Pearl Jam, Jeremy, Sam’s Black and Blue Asshole, Darth Brooks, Abba, Opie and Anthony, Anthony’s Firing, Sirius XM, Racism Against White People, The C-Word, Calling Men Bitch, Black on Black Racism, Milano, Douche Points, Opie Moving On, Jason Ellis is a Jackass, Hot Girls with Lazy Eyes, Attractive Girls that are Ugly, Hauntingly Pretty Girls, Talking About Girls, Roach is Stuck Watching Twilight, Chivalry, The Original Spider-Man Soundtrack, Modest Roach, American Apparel and the Challenger, Blow Job in the Squash Garden, Fresh Wounds, Staying in Space, CP, Carving into Shia Labeouf, Entry Level Douche, 9/11 Jokes, 10 Hour Youtube Videos, Funny Tragedy, Gravity, Angry Black Physicists, Space Things, Mic Drops, and the Power of the C*nt.