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The Wedge Radio Show #1,006

September 24th, 2016

The Wedge Radio Show at the Podcast Convention 2016.

Ripped in Half #158

September 21st, 2016

80's Music Videos, Being Fat, Kids and Drugs, Coke with Hugh Grant, Accidental Racism, Fly Shotgun, Dick for Weed, Drugs and Chill, Missing Jason, Anchorman 2, Harley Quinn's own Movie, The Hateful 8, Metal Councilman, Fractured But Whole, Haunted 3-D TV, Deep Fried Lobster & Butter, Jewish Mexican Guacamole, Pizza Camp, Mr. Robot, Atlanta, and more.

The Wedge Radio Show #1005

September 15th, 2016

Ten Years of the Wedge Radio Show, Radio Closet, Past Friends, Wedge's Creative Moods, Recording Covers, Recreating Emotions, Disgust and Nervousness, Reveling in Nervousness, Emotional Thrill Seeker, Emotional Ties, Beans, Anthony Wiener, Cheating, Dating in Your 30's Versus 20's, Maturity or Apathy?, Concepts of the Past, Enjoying the Struggle, The People Around You, Figuring It Out, Enjoy Life, and How Life is Easy.

Ripped in Half #157

September 13th, 2016

UP Girls, GPS, Chicken, Jasons's Week, Bozo's Court, Blac Chyna, Sausage Party, Steve's New Van, Peter Pan Conspiracy, Pokemon Uranium, Noah 1:14, Gay Harry Potter, Meninist, Rallying Against Something, Joe Manganiello, The Shocker, ITT Tech Shutdown, Thanos, Gene Wilder, The Crow Movie, Drunk Eric, and More.

The Wedge Radio Show #1004

September 3rd, 2016

Mythbusters on Netflix, Down the Rabbit Hole, Kari and Tory, XOXO, Bad Movies, It's on Netflix, Horribly Written Movies, Getting Up in Her, Don't Feel Like Getting Raped, The Internet is Amazing and Awful at the Same Time, Being an Open Book, Insipid Content, The Monetization of Youtube, Separating From Children, Flesh Melting Off of a Person, Troma Entertainment, Jessika Rabid, Pulling a Kil Bill, Tits on Youtube, Bring a Mexican to Lunch Day, People Dressed Up Like Babies, Sex Drugs and Death, Mother Theresa, Poultrygeist, Wedge and Women, Going with the Flow, Keeping the Violence to a Minimum, Validation, Wedge's Writing, and Natural Gravitation.