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The Wedge Radio Show #1021

January 24th, 2017

The Month is Flying By, Christy Carlson Romano, Child Stars, Hot Girls, A Nice Pair, Brace Face, Stretched Out Lip, Shia LeBeouf's 4 Year Camera, White Racist, 30's Filter, Social Media, Narcissism, Looking For Attention, Meeting People, Tedium in Narcissism, Finding Par, Burning Bridges, Life Outside of Wedge, Life is a Series of Reactions, Preconceived Notion, Katie Rich, Cute SNL Girls, Devolving to Looks, Violence in the World, The Woman's Rally, The Popular Vote, Smaller Government, Making Sure America Has Equality, Going in Circles, Voting Ritual, Ignorance in the World, A Puppy's Purpose, Abusing Dogs, Ignorance of People, Protesting Films, 3D TV is Dead, HDR, and Missing Anger.

The Midnight Put Down #160

January 24th, 2017

Kamelot - The Fourth Legacy, Run DMC - Raising Hell, A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation, Motorhead - Overkill, Kingdom of Giants - Voltage, Eyedea and Abilities - Smile, Supertramp - The Logical Song, Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do, Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me (Not to Come), Derek and the Dominos - Layla, The Handsome Family - Dry Bones, Lady Gaga - Come to Mama, Nicki Minaj - Super Bass, Operation Ivy - The Crowd, Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street, LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum, Helloween - Mr. Torture, Rancid - Maxwell Murder, Violent Femmes - Add It Up, Pearl Jam - Black, Queen - Don't Stop Me Now, Arlo Guthrie - Wouldn't You Believe It, Clarence Carter - Patches, Falconer - Entering Eternity, Cat Stevens - Wild World, The Kinks - Sleepwalker, DMX - Look Thru My Eyes, Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction, Sabaton - Hill 3234, and Dead Kennedys - Your Emotions.

Ripped in Half #163

January 22nd, 2017

Happy New Year, Making Meals, Trollin teenagers, Steve Ruins Assholes, Lady in the Truck, Mad Max License Plate, Watching Movies Stoned, Rogue One, Kyber Crystals, Lala Land, Beauty and the Beast, Feminist are Fighting Again, Emoji, Shazaam with Sinbad, Black Adam, 52 rebirth,DCUU, MCU, Comics, Alien: Covenent, Power Rangers, Logan, Super Mario odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo Swith, and more.

The Wedge Radio Show #1020

January 20th, 2017

Judgement Day, A Bit Yellow Highlighter Sworn In, Directing Rage Against Each Other, Miguel Ferrer, Character Actor, Twin Peaks Blank Check Actor, Twin Peaks the Missing Pieces Mystery, Figuring Out Future Brands, Laura Palmer, Lynchonian, The God Damned Missing Pieces, Great Episode Package, Figuring Out Twin Peaks The Missing Pieces, Blue Velvet, Worst Lifetime Movie, Twin Peaks Redux, Pixar Universe, Stupid People, Pixar Homage, Seeing Things For What They Are, Not Getting It, Hoping For Lies To Be True, People with Disabilities, Classification to Piss You Off, Transable, Wheelchair fuck, Terrible Feeling Legs, One Hand Jason, Losing a Limb, Justifying Mutilation, Psychological Disorder, Claiming Disability, A Load in the Chamber, People Who Are Really Disabled, Fuck You, Comfort Creatures, What Do You Expect? Job Dealing With Pornography and Murder, What Do You Expect? These people sued Microsoft for PTSD and Getting Caught With Shit Porn.

It’s on Netflix #007

January 20th, 2017

Hulu with No Commercials, Falling Asleep with Hulu, Northern Exposure, Personal Problem, Twin Peaks and Showtime, Rewatching, Alan Wake or Deadly Premonition, Speaking Backwards, Midgets, Who Killed Laura Palmer, Who Killed Rosie, Wedge Predicts that Barbara Comes Back for Stranger Things, Coming Out of Wills Mouth, Motorhead, Lemmy, Holding a Buzz, Don't Breath, Smart Structured Films, Fucking With Liam Nielson, Rogue One, Inserting Female Pilots from Revenge of the Jedi, Two Jobs and Taxes, Having Two Jobs, Bill That Bully, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Apartments, Day Bars, Top Ten Episodes of It's Always Sunny, Being a Little Sick, Pregnant Sex, Dating Tall Girls, Dreadlocks, Peter Jackson had no idea how to make the Hobbit, Hook Man, The Thing, Diabeetus, Tucker and Dale Versus Evil, Cabin in the Woods, 30 Rock Girl, Tracy Morgan Jokes, Cosby and Fat Albert, Keenan Thompson, Garfunkel and Oates, Wordy with Lyrics, Funny Comedians Wedge Follows, Good Freaks and Geeks Episodes, Strangers with Candy, and Super Cloud Products.

The Midnight Put Down #159

January 19th, 2017

Garfunkel & Oates - This Party Took a Turn for the Douche, The Dwarves - One Time Only, Judas Priest - Living After Midnight, R.E.M. - It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine), A Tribe Called Quest - Ego, Bloc Party - Helicopter, Flogging Molly - If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Kingdom of Giants - Guns and Girls, Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart, Circle Jerks - Murder the Disturbed, Blur - Ice Cream Man, Iron Maiden - The Clairvoyent, Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl, Flight of the Conchords - Robots, Sublime - What I Got, Bobby Womack - If You Think You're Lonely Now, Pulp - Common People, Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart, Gwar - Saddam A GoGo, Brewer & Shipley - One Toke Over the Line, GG Allin - Don't Talk To Me, Butthole Surfers - Pepper, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound - I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, Motorhead - Bonus, Symphony X - Inferno (Unleash the Fire), T.S.O.L. - Love Story, Buzzcocks - Oh Shit, Soul Asylum - Runaway Train, Jim Croce - You Don't Mess Around with Jim, Helloween - Mrs. God, Madonna - Borderline, Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon - Will the Fetus Be Aborted, and Richard Harris MacArthur Park.

The Wedge Radio Show #1019

January 11th, 2017

Wedge doesn't care about the news stories, 'me' stories, M*A*S*H death bookends, the new year, nothing matters, Wedge's philosophy and his writing, Roach, the old show, close friends, dating, Dad issues, girl things, getting to know my Dad, maybe I seem useful, The Kinks - Strangers, grief, sentimentality, mental codependence, dark passenger, mentality that kills you, the push to create, Wedge's rage and sadness, losing oneself, somethings don't-make-no sense, the little things, starting over, outside view, thinking positively, coasting, clear cut rationale, the people we affect, momentary psychosis, being rationale during a break up, and Wedge's bad Jerry Seinfeld.