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Ripped in Half #173

May 30th, 2017

Friday the 13th The Game, What is Racist?, Chis Rock show, Comic-Com news stuff, Mash-Up music: Wax Audio and dj cummerbund, The Arrow/Flash-verse, Wonder Woman for Women, What is a Trans?, The Ripped in Half party.

It’s On Netflix #020

May 25th, 2017

Season One of It's On Netflix, Broad Church, Twin Peaks, TV Show Hiatus, Night People, Acquired Content, What's Leaving Netflix, Bob's Burgers, Roseanne, What The Hell is Riverdale, Twin Peaks Meets Archie, Being Able to Watch TV, Archie's Weird Risk, Big Daddy Twins, Zack and Cody, The Keepers, Lego Batman, Bain's Voice, The Dark Night Trilogy, The Lego Movie, Everything is Awesome, Big Hero Six, Don't Be a Dick, Inside Out Villain, 40 Hour Audio Book, It, Castle Rock, JJ Abrams and Stephen King, Bates Motel, Buddies a Comedy Action Story, Jenkem, Blue Mountain State, Love and Mercy, Paul Giamatti, Michael McKeen, Better Call Saul, The Cost of Genius, Brian Wilson, Glenn Cambell, The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds, Elizabeth Hurly is Not Elizabeth Banks, Cinderella Man, Movies About Native Americans, Unbreakable Kimmy Smidt, Daniel Day Louis, Gangs of New York, Paul Thomas Anderson, Boogie Nights, Adam Sandler Movies, Rob Sneider, Bursting Adam Sandler's Bubble, Louis C.K., Home Movies, Unhappily Ever After, Nikki Cox, Stella, Man Seeking Women, Love Season 2, Master of None, The Bicycle Thief, Allura, Master of Love, Maury, Jerry Springer, Laura's Got Balls, Connie Chung, Jerry Stiller and His Wife, The Mayor, Twitter Tweets from a Sweet Boy, Horrible People, Censored Music, and the Versatility of the Word Fuck.

Ripped in Half #172

May 25th, 2017

Movies, Abusing kodi, Jason's Bummer, Letterkenny, Netflix Rating System, Mr Jason is Employee of the Month, Bask in the Glory of the Bacon Wrapped Dick, Car Vending Machine, Urkels Blooming, Prequals, Marvel Shows, The Orville, More Shows, Venom, Arrested Development, Spider-orchistra, Aqua-Wife, and more.

The Wedge Radio Show #1033

May 17th, 2017

Mommy Dead and Dearest, HBO Docs, Morbitity, Pepe Meme, Hate Symbols, School Shootings, Boldness of People, Gypsy Rose, Balls, Committing to a Bad Decision, Afflicted by the Lack the Empathy, Amount of Crazy in the World, Random Shootings, These People, Sharing Traits, Simple Philosophy, People Are Bad, The Best Thing People Are Is Interesting, False High Standard, Chicken Shit Situations, Happy Endings, Wedge's Knowledge of CSI, Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, Elderly Children, Imprisoning Your Daughter, Kidnapping, Taking Ownership, HBO Docs, Robert Durst, Losing One's Self, Bill Cosby's Dead Eyes, The Bye Bye Man, Acting Like Children, Quoting Movies or TV Shows, Discussing Movies or TV Shows, Right Way To Speak, A Huge Lack of Perspicacity, Theremin Videos, and What Are You?!

It’s On Netflix #019

May 17th, 2017

Being Sick, Nightquil, Sweating It Out, Mommy Dead and Dearest, Murder Trials, Bad People, Norm McDonald, Tracy Morgan's New Stand Up Special, SNL, Debbie Downer, Breaking On Live TV, Saturday Night Fever, Love, David Spade, Manipulative Bitches, Wasted Writing, Randy and Bertie, Screwing Up Relationships, Party Episode, Master of None Season 2, Commiserating, Being Out of the Loop in Advertising, Dr. Greg, Sirius XM, Open Bars, YouTube Poops, Bob Burgers, Adam Sandler Movies, Higher Consciousness, Sport Girls, This Is Us, Deal Breakers, Better Off Ted, Raising Hope, Dirty Jokes in Family Comedies, Story Structure, Pushing Daisies, Manchester Way, Munsters Versus the Addam's Family, The Naked Gun Remake, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa, Ned Beatty, Burt Reynolds, Court Cases, Phil Spector, Genre Music Over Time, Failing English Music Video Projects, Friday the 13th on Hulu, Hardcore Henry, The Warriors, Good Trilogies, The Toxic Avenger, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and Ash Versus the Evil Dead.

The Wedge Radio Show #1032

May 8th, 2017

Boozy Drinks, Serpent Stout, Double Fisting, Guardians of the Galaxy, One Star Films, Anne of Green Gables, Mexican Version of Breaking Bad, Acting Movie Game, Long Cons, Payoffs, Gilbert Gottfried, Tear For Fears Funeral, Walk Like a Man, Christopher Lloyd Films, Falling Through the Cracks, Redoing Shows, Homemade Films, Double Down, SLC Punk 2, Pretentious Dick Shit Attitude, Mystery Science Theater, Shit Emoji the Movie, Inside Out, Crying a Kid Movies, Steven Wright, Sexy Dentist, Strip-club Dentist, Sigourney Weaver, The Good Stuff, Murders Down the Street, Stella, Edward Norton on a Pilot, Luke or Owen Wilson, Noon is Early, Roach's Life, Prying Info Out of People, Roach's Stupid Secrets, Sex Torso, Baby Weight, Calling the Cops, Crack Whore, Class Acts, Changing Your Life, Walking 12 Miles, Killing 5 Hours, Girls in the Trunk of a Car, Using Offensive Words, Damp Foliage, Classic Voice, Old iPods, Wedge's Books, Chinese Characters, Taking Japanese, The Pepsi Generation, Jets, Generations, Millennials, Jerry Seinfeld's First Stand Up, That Is So Funny, Reading Comments, 9/11 Jokes, Wedge's Fairy Godmother, Loving Crack, Unprotected Sex, Wedge's Dead Little Kid, God's Plan, Doing the Bible Wrong, Dick Stories, Staggering Dick Injuries, Classic Voice, Old TV Shows, Clearance At Work, Wedge's Drive, Dot-Coms, and Fight Club.

Ripped in Half #171

May 8th, 2017

Lil Wayne, StarCraft, Bitching at Work, Steve gets a Hard Drive, Goldblum plays with dinosaures, T2:3D, Gaurdians of the MacGuffins, Batman and Harley, The Dark Towers, American Gods, and other ramblings...

It’s On Netflix #018

May 6th, 2017

Episode 18, Writing and Drinking, Time Off, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, Movies Lengths, Broadcasting Arkham Knight, Batman's Bad Day, El Capitan Theater, 7 Midnight Showing, Little Shitty Theaters, Hobo with a Shotgun, Perfect Movies, Single Room Theaters, Island Theater, Getting Movies Late, Friday the 13th Series, In 3D!, The Super Mario Brothers Movie, Thematically Interesting Bad Movies, May the 4th Be With You, Marvel Movies, DC Failed Universe, Origin Movies Coming Second, Spider-man Pre- 9/11, Types of Sequels, Ghostbusters 2 versus The Dark Knight, American History X, Setting Up The Tone For a Movie, Edgy Disney Movies, Comic Book Licenses, 90's Fantastic Four Movie, Fleetwood Mac, Cat Stevens, Wedge's Short Story: Buddies, Fargo, Who's The Real Monster?, Southpaw, The Rocky Franchise, The Nice Guys, Mankind Loves Christmas, Ruby Ridge, Lost in La Mancha, Casting Jon Benet, Don Quixote, Shasta, Forcing Star Wars, Context Changing, and Love Season 2 Episode 5.