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It’s On Netflix #043 The Doing a Machete Episode


Watching Things Off Netflix, Life, Buying Movies You Haven't Seen Since it's Cheap, Wonder, Movie Pass, Three Billboards Before Ebbing Missouri, Martin McDonagh, Logan Lucky, Extra Features, Logan Lucky Mystery, Introducing Known Actors, Coco, Seven Psychopaths, In Burges, Lady Bird, The Best Reviewed Movie Ever, Making The Audience Do Work, Subtle, Too-Subtle, Clues on Side Character Situations, Grand Budapest, Hannah, Brooklyn, Saoirse Ronan on SNL, Crying During Coco, The Book of Life, Pixar Misteps, Cars, Frozen Before Coco, Missing the Pixar Short, John Lasseter, The Pixar Heirarchy, The Incredibles 2, Jack Jack the Devil Boy, The Incredibles are the Fantastic Four, Disney Buying Out Fox, The New Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney Getting Deadpool, The Lack of a Stand Alone Hulk Movie, Youtuber Edits, Star Wars As One Movie, Losing One's Shit, The Next 20 Movies of Marvel, The Toast of London, The IT Crowd, Matt Berry, Finding It's Ground, Golden Time: An Animated Short, Japanese Animation, Hand Drawn, The Brave Little Toaster, You're Worthless, Stranger Things, It, The 24 Hour News Cycle, Reading Wedge's Book, The Disaster Artist, James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, Artimus, Mindhorn, The Mighty Boosh, Steve Coogin, Hamlet 2, The Trip, Night at the Museum, Tropic Thunder, Shock Collar, John Bernthal, The Walking Dead, Baby Driver, How I Met Your Mother, Date Night, Doing a Machete, Spy Kids, Life, Alien, Spider-man 3 B Roll, Ryan Reynolds, Hitman's Bodyguard, Slowing Down Oldies, San Andreas, Billy Corgan, Spun, The Number of the Beast, Will Smith Samples, Marky Mark, Joey Lawrence's Christmas Song, New Kids on the Block, Blue Bloods, Brian Atene, Justice, Catharsis, and Living in a World of No Advertisements.

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