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It’s On Netflix #045 The Necessity of Darth Vader Episode


Wedge's Picture Frame Gift, 5x7, DIY Normal Life Stuff, Watching a Lot, Christmas Movies, Die Hard, Krampus, Meet the Robinsons, The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2, Gremlins, The Night Before, The Fan Edit of Episode One Two and Three, The Toys That Made Us, Star Wars, Barbie, GI Joe, Darth Maul Spider-Monkey, Speckles and All, Die Hard IS a Christmas Movie, Office Party on Christmas Eve, Jingle All The Way, Jimmy John's Christmas Party, Working for Disney, Haun-topia, When You're Fucked On Uno, New Uno Cards, Having To Go To Your Second Job, Stocking For Target, Bad Managers, Meet the Robinsons, 10 Years Ago, The Princess and the Frog, Story Twists, The Others, Rewatchability, The Usual Suspects, The Sixth Sense, The Time Where Film Should Know Better, Good Story Telling, Technological Stand Points, Goodfellas, Casino, The Godfather, Siri, Taxi Driver, The Surge of Indie Films, Slacker, Clerks, The End of Kevin Smith's Career, Yoga-Hosers, Tusk, The Girls in Yoga-Hosers, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Mallrats TV Show, Moose-Jaws, Clerks 3, The Difinitive Trilogy, Puck You, Goon, Dead Actors, Old School Radio, Wasted Talent, Moonraper, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jay and Silent Bob Madea Movie, Chasing Amy, Doing The Wrong Thing, Being Sexually Satisfying, Red State, Switching Genres, You're Next, Strangers, The Santa Clause and Santa Clause 2, Non-PC Movies, Editing Out Bad Jokes, The Main Elf, Hail Caesar, Harold and Kumar, The Mexican, Death to Smoochy, Numbers, Baby Santa, Ed Asner, Elf, Jack Frost, The Night Before, John Ritter, Bernie Mac, Eight Simple Rules, Sling Blade, Three's Company, Joan Rivers YouTube Loop, Being a Comedian, Don Rickles, Bob Newhart, Don and Frank, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Greg's Pregnant Asian Fetish, Marc Maron, Judah Friedlander, Maria Bamford, and The Last Jedi.

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