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The Wedge Radio Show #1032


Boozy Drinks, Serpent Stout, Double Fisting, Guardians of the Galaxy, One Star Films, Anne of Green Gables, Mexican Version of Breaking Bad, Acting Movie Game, Long Cons, Payoffs, Gilbert Gottfried, Tear For Fears Funeral, Walk Like a Man, Christopher Lloyd Films, Falling Through the Cracks, Redoing Shows, Homemade Films, Double Down, SLC Punk 2, Pretentious Dick Shit Attitude, Mystery Science Theater, Shit Emoji the Movie, Inside Out, Crying a Kid Movies, Steven Wright, Sexy Dentist, Strip-club Dentist, Sigourney Weaver, The Good Stuff, Murders Down the Street, Stella, Edward Norton on a Pilot, Luke or Owen Wilson, Noon is Early, Roach's Life, Prying Info Out of People, Roach's Stupid Secrets, Sex Torso, Baby Weight, Calling the Cops, Crack Whore, Class Acts, Changing Your Life, Walking 12 Miles, Killing 5 Hours, Girls in the Trunk of a Car, Using Offensive Words, Damp Foliage, Classic Voice, Old iPods, Wedge's Books, Chinese Characters, Taking Japanese, The Pepsi Generation, Jets, Generations, Millennials, Jerry Seinfeld's First Stand Up, That Is So Funny, Reading Comments, 9/11 Jokes, Wedge's Fairy Godmother, Loving Crack, Unprotected Sex, Wedge's Dead Little Kid, God's Plan, Doing the Bible Wrong, Dick Stories, Staggering Dick Injuries, Classic Voice, Old TV Shows, Clearance At Work, Wedge's Drive, Dot-Coms, and Fight Club.

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