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The Wedge Radio Show #1035


Model with a Baby Lion, Recreating the Lion King, Piss on a Model, Piss Fetish, Laura Lion, Shit Fetishes, Watching a Girl Pee, Pissing in Public, Shooting a Log, Pee in the Mouth, Trying a Little Piss Play, Peeing on the Dick, Weird Hot, Hotness, Butterfaces, Thin Doesn't Equal Hot, Surgery Hot, Fat Girl With a Pretty Face, What's Wrong With Fat Girls, Angry Frat Boys, Prejudice, In The Hoops Message Board, Men Things, Making Someone Ugly, Annoyed or Concerned, Fucking an Entire Family, Fuck Bitches and Make Money, Human Beings, Frowned Upon Preferences, Dad Bod, Shame Shame, Personality Dating, That Connection, Being Genuine Humans, Emojis Versus English, 311, Air BnB's, New York Cities, Apartment Life, Housing Law, People Are Shitty, Cars of the Future, Sharing, and the Future of the Next Step.

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